Medical Qi Gong

Qi Gong, pronounced “Chee Gong” translates as: Energy Work, Focus or Practice.

      Its use and development pre-dated Oriental Medicine and lead to all the major understandings (Theories, Principals, etc.) of the Existence and Flow of Qi (Energy) in Nature. 

      It is the Foundation of all applications of Oriental Medicine, including: Acupuncture, Acupressure, Herbal Medicine, Energy Medicine, and Oriental Orthopedic Massage Therapy.

      Traditionally, there are 3 major Branches of Qi Gong:

            Medical Qi Gong- practiced by Doctors of Oriental Medicine and their patients;

            Martial Qi Gong- practiced by those desiring to increase their qi for protective, fighting or martial purposes;

            Spiritual Qi Gong, which utilizes understandings in all areas to help facilitate enlightenment, evolution and personal growth..


Medical Qi Gong as it is practiced today, is a series of focused movements, sounds and breathing practices which facilitate health and wellness for individuals.


There are specific “Medical Qi Gong Forms”, comparable to Martial Art Forms, though often different in intention, which are directed toward the facilitation of health for a specific disease challenge.


Examples include Forms for: 

               Lung Health, Clearing and Fortifying

               Stress Reduction

               Pain Relief and Health Restoration

               Immune Enhancement and Organ Tonification

               Mental Clarity and Emotional Calm

               Digestive Improvement and Function

               Cardiac Health and Sexual Vitality

               Mood Alteration and Stabilization

               Inflammation Reduction, etc. 





      In ancient China, every disease treatment included a prescription for Medical Qi Gong.

      Doctors understood that all diseases are rooted in an interactive Wholistic Mind-Body-Emotion-Spirit System.

      To treat one was to treat another. And health and wellness could be more easily maintained and disease and disharmony prevented if an individual practiced wholistically; addressing their health needs through their body, by receiving acupuncture, acupressure, massage bodywork and herbal medicine; and extending that treatment elsewhere by doing a practice of Medical Qi Gong, designed to treat the very systems being challenged by the disease process.


      Medical Qi Gong uses short and simple, easy to perform techniques of movement, sound, visualization and mental intention to direct “Qi” energy at specific health targets; creating positive health outcomes.


      Medical Qi Gong Practices involve all body spheres; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.


      Medical Qi Gong Practices utilize mind-body techniques of: movement, sound, breath work, toning, mental focus and concentration, intention and visualization to: Purify (remove unwanted energy), Tonify (improve energy status) and Cultivate (sow and seed energy into body centers); to improve health and wellness.