Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine compliments and facilitates healing for any disease condition or pattern:

      It slows and stops the growth of bacteria and viruses found in the common               cold or flu

      It facilitates the resolution of symptoms for digestion or intestinal issues

      It helps release tension associated with Stress and Pain

      It improves circulation and blood flow to impaired muscles, tendons or ligaments

           facilitating pain relief and body repair and rehabiitation

      It resolves tension patterns associated with Headaches, Bodyaches and Pain

      It helps improve the function of Organ Systems through-out the body, such as:

           Liver, Kidney, Heart, Lung, preserving Health, preventing Disease and

           Empowering Longevity


Herbal Medicine is Ancient Medicine. 

It includes hundreds if not thousands of years of the combined traditional healing wisdom and best medical practices of our ancestors.

It can compliment or replace current Pharmacological "White Pill" Medicine.


While plant materials are by far the most commonly used, other substances such as mineral and animal products may be utilized in some prescriptions, known as "Formulas".

A typical medicinal prescription (Formula) includes a combination of herbal substances (1-18); which have been shown to facilitate a targeted therapeutic outcome. 

Examples include, Herbal Formulas to: Expell a bacterial or Viral pathogen from the Lungs or Sinuses; Calm and Harmonize the Liver to ease muscle tension in the abdomen and middle back; and Strengthen Kidney Function for minimizing urination and increasing sexual potentcy. 


Herbal Medicinal Formulas come in 3 major forms:  Decocted from Raw Prepared Ingredients to a concentrated Tea




There are roughly 13,000 medicinals currently used in China and over 100,000 medicinal recipes recorded in the ancient literature.


Herbal Medicine helps our entire body by: Expelling Pathogens, Clearing Excess Heat, Draining Excess Dampness, Calming and Sedating the Spirit, Astringing Fluids, Tonifying Organs, Warming the Interior and Relieving Pain by moving Qi and Blood.



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