Mental/Emotional Pain

Has Roots Deep in the Psyche, Body/Mind/Emotion Complex

Often is Right Under the Surface

Affects Our Everyday Living

Doesn't Seem to Change or End

Puts a Pallor Over Our Experience


      Many of our Brothers and Sisters experience enduring mental and emotional pain.  It stays with them, altering their lives forever.  Most have sought help from 1, 2 or many sources; and tried to "Heal" from the constant mental/emotional distress.  Some have suceeded; others have learned to live with the distress.  Many have given up; believing there is no resolution to their pain and therefore turn to other forms of relief, drugs, alcohol and all sorts of addictions. 


But there is Help!  There is Hope!

Wholistic Therapies exist which can release the tension of Old Memories, Stress and Mental/Emotional Pain 

Therapies which can go as deep as you prefer


Vital Pulse Acupuncture Wholistic Medicine offers these therapies where desired or needed by the patient


Within the Therapeutic World there are: 

       Expressive Cathartic Forms, Reframing Forms, ReAligning Forms

              which tackle the psychological material inherent in mental/emotional pain 


Expressive Cathartic Forms

      Body Centered Therapy- Supports Consious Contact with Body Expressions as access to important psychological

              material to express, release, adjust, understand and embrace

      Rebirthing-  Breath Work which releases Trauma of early life

      Primal Scream- a Body-Centered Therapy which releases negative memories held in the Body/Mind/Emotion Complex

      Deep Feeling Process Work-  another Body Centered Therapy which supports a patients' reconnection with early

             mental and emotional feeling states causing current disruption and stagnation


Reframing Forms

      Hypnotherapy- Alters the psychological material contributing to the Mental/Emotional Pain

      NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programin, releases, alters and reframes early experiences

      Tapping- A Body Tapping Process which releases defensive beliefs and supports reframing and re-imagining life

      Rapid Eye Movement- Releases and reframes negative experiences and blockages to positive ones


ReAligning Forms

      Positive Affirmational Therapy-  utilizes positive thinking as affirmations to support where an individual is weak

      Meditative Visualization Therapy- uses positive imagery to anchor psychological changes


Each Therapeutic Form addresses specific needs for patients, providing them with tangible coping skills to

      manage their life, challenges and successes.